About This Dance

The merengue is an extremely accessible dance, mainly because the level of co-ordination between legs and arms is less crucial to beginner dancers than, for example, in salsa. This fact is greatly responsible for the rapid uptake of the merengue as a dance worldwide. People can, with little or no instruction, merengue straight away. Ladies in particular can learn to dance it very quickly, so long as they receive a good lead. Dancing the merengue to time is easy because the beats are usually obvious, but the timing aspect of merengue is kept simple for a reason. It’s because the merengue is more than just about stepping on the beats. It’s about dancers expressing themselves to music, and the merengue’s flexibility is supposed to encourage just that.

Example Songs for the Merengue

Hot Hot Hot - Buster Poindexter
1 2 3 - Marco Vinicio
La Paga - Juanes
Enamoraito - Merengue Zache
Bandolero - Olga Tanon
Visa Para Un Sueno - Jusn Luis Guerra
Esa Mujer Es Fuego - Los Generales 
Tu Sonrisa - Elvis Crespo
Contestacion De "El Marinero" - Celia Cruz
Princesa - Frank Reyes
Bandida - Kiko Rodriguez
De Rodillas Te Pido - Luis Miguel
Merengue - Michael Lloyd
Levantando Las Manos - Marco Vinicio
Ven Tu - Domenic M
Arriba Las Mujeres - Latin Band


These videos are meant to be reminders for people who have taken our classes. We do not present them as instructional. Many excellent instructional videos may be found on Dance Vision International’s website.