Good for you! You have made the big move from just wishing you could dance to beginning a class! Now you can make some progress. You will realize benefits from the physical and mental exercise, the social exchange and the artistic expression to music. Dance is a life-long interest that can enrich our lives on more levels than any other art. A dancer is both a musician and an athlete. The study of dance makes you a part of a large community of dancers who will be a big part of your  enjoyment of the art.

As you begin to study dance, we want to offer a few observations that may smooth the way for you in your efforts to learn this enjoyable new skill. You have taken the first big step to move from a spectator to a dancer–you are taking lessons! For the most part, the process is simple: you will attend classes, make an effort to learn the skills and note your progress as you continue. On the other hand, in the years that we have taught people to dance we have noticed some patterns among the folks who learned well and among those who had problems and these notes are an effort to give you the benefit of those observations. Ballroom dance has so many real benefits for so many people that we want to ensure that no one give up on dancing when a small change or two could open the door to a really positive experience.