Paul and Gail teach social ballroom dancing. That is, they do not train dancers for competition but to dance well in the social setting - the emphasis is on enjoyment and fun. Paul and Gail began their formal study with their coaches from Cincinnati Ballroom Company, Brian McNamee and Leigh Bradshaw. Brian and Leigh are very positive teachers who enjoy working with dancers of all levels. They were influential in teaching Paul and Gail the basics of each dance style and helped them develop a systematic approach to teach. Through their program, Paul and Gail met Izabella Jundzill and her partner, Mazen Hamza. Izabella and Mazen are champion competitive dancers but also tailor their instruction to emphasize beautiful dancing in the social setting as well as physical fitness and health. In teaching dance, they also teach body mechanics and exercises to improve agility and flexibility for all levels of dancers. Top Hat’s goal is to provide high quality instruction in a relaxing and fun atmosphere.

Paul and Gail love to host dances in order to give anyone a chance to enjoy the social aspects of dancing. Social dancing is a wonderful way to spend a romantic evening with your partner! Watch the Calendar Page and the Blog for locations, dates and times of dances.

Hope to see you on the dance floor!